Prequalification vs. Preapproval: What Do You Need?

Prequalification vs. Preapproval - Williamson County Homes for Sale

When you’re thinking about buying a home in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood or any of the surrounding communities, you’ll probably need to talk to a lender about getting a mortgage.

However, simply talking to a lender doesn’t mean that you’ll qualify to buy a home.

In fact, the process can be a bit complicated – so here’s what you need to know.

What is Prequalification?

Loan prequalification is a process that only requires you to talk to a lender, mortgage broker or bank about your current financial circumstances. You’ll discuss your credit, your income and your assets, as well as your debts.

The lender will not run a credit check on you during a prequalification. However, the lender will tell you how much you may be able to qualify to receive if you decide to apply for a loan with that institution.

What is Preapproval?

Loan preapproval is a much more in-depth process than prequalification is. You’ll still talk to a lender about your financial circumstances, but this time, the lender will read a credit check on you to find out whether you meet the criteria for a loan from that institution. The lender will also verify your income and assets, and the result is an official preapproval for a loan.

What’s Best – Prequalification or Preapproval?

Conventional wisdom says that it’s best to get preapproval from a lender before you even begin house hunting. If you are prequalified, you’ll have a good idea about how much you can afford… but if you’re preapproved, sellers are more likely to take your offers seriously because they know you’ll be able to follow through.

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